Toronto infant boy loses limbs to rare disease

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TORONTO —; The family of a 14-month-old boy in Toronto is living every parent’s worst nightmare.

Their young son Ethan Faria was perfectly healthy until a few weeks ago when he came down with a brief fever and a mild cough.

In a matter of hours, what seemed like something minor had escalated into a life-threatening condition.

On July 24, Ethan was admitted to the ICU at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and parents Rachel and Humberto were told to prepare for the worst.

Ethan Faria is seen in this photo provided by family friend Sara Gregory.

“The family feels helpless and has no way to comprehend that such a healthy beautiful innocent little boy could suddenly be put in to this situation,” said family friend Sara Gregory.

She’s referring to Haemophilus influenzae type B, the most common cause of bacterial meningitis.

Hib, as it’s known, is an infection of the cerebral and spinal cord fluids. In Ethan, it’s meant skin necrosis and disseminated intravascular coagulation.

On Friday, Ethan had both of his legs amputated. Next week, he will lose an arm.


“Ethan doesn’t understand where he is or why he hurts, and there is no way to explain to him,” Gregory said.

“They are completely distraught, and it is taking everything in them to stay strong for him.”

At the Hospital for Sick Children, Rachel stays by Ethan’s side, using a small guest room when available to try to sleep. Generally, she remains beside his crib or sitting in the chair beside him.

Gregory has started an online fundraising campaign for the family, knowing that taking care of Ethan will now be her friend’s full-time job —; as Ethan will need years of therapy and rehabilitation.

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