Alberta seeking input amid climate change review

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EDMONTON – The provincial government is asking Albertans for their input on how they should address climate change moving forward.

Beginning the week of August 24, the province will be hosting public sessions and an online survey to gather feedback which will then be reviewed by a new climate change panel.

The panel, selected by Minister Phillips and chaired by Dr. Andrew Leach, includes members with distinct skills, valuable networks and a strong understanding of Alberta’s unique economic, environmental and social circumstances.



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    At the end of the process, the panel will provide advice to help form the foundation of Alberta’s new proposal to address climate change, which will be in place in time for the COP21 world summit in Paris in December.

    “Climate change is a threat we all face, affecting everything from our health, food production, and fresh water, to biodiversity and our economy,” said Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Phillips in a Friday news conference.

    “Our government is committed to demonstrating real leadership on the environment and on climate change. Over the coming weeks, all Albertans will have an opportunity to contribute to their province’s new plan to address this pressing global issue here at home.”

    In June, Alberta toughened its rules for large industrial emitters under the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation.

    Facilities that emit more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year must now aim to reduce their carbon intensity by 20 per cent in 2017, versus 12 per cent currently.

    For emissions that go above that threshold, the price of carbon is doubling to $30 a tonne in 2017.


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